SAFF Championship - October 16, 2021

SAFF Championship : Nepal’s Coach Abdullah Al Mutairi banned for final against India

Nepal’s head coach Abdullah Al Mutairi has been banned from playing in the final match of the SAAF Championship Football. Al Mutairi, who received a yellow card against Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in the league stage, has been banned by SAFF from playing in the final against India today.

Nepal’s Anjan Bista was given a yellow card in two consecutive games and was already losing the final against India. India’s coach Stimach also got a red card in the match against Bangladesh, so he was sure to lose the final match against Nepal. But SAFF has given a letter to ANFA with the information that even Nepal’s coach Almutari has been banned from playing in the final.

Nepal’s coach Almutairi responded that it was illegal and unjust. He told a virtual press conference on Saturday morning that the decision was motivated by India’s desire to win the game.

He said, I think SAFF officials may not be happy with Nepal’s result. They want Nepal to lose. I feel that way. The referee was attacked after the match against Bangladesh, what was the punishment for him? ‘ If you don’t follow your own rules, why make rules? ‘

Nepal Coach Abdullah Al Mutairi

The final match between India and Nepal is being played tonight at 9.45 pm ( Nepal Time ) in Male, the capital of Maldives.

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