SAFF Championship - July 25, 2021

SAFF Championship : ANFA gets proposal to host 2021 edition

All Nepal Football Association ( ANFA ) gets SAAP Championship 2021 hosting proposal from from South Asian Football Federation (SAFF) . ANFA gets a conditional offer to host the 13th edition of SAFF Championship in October.

According to the ANFA website update, General Secretary Tuladhar said that ANFA will now prepare a detailed proposal for the championship and send it to SAAF for approval. The final decision regarding hosting will be taken in the STAFF executives meeting which will take place in the first week of August.

The 1997 and 2013 SAFF Championships were held in Nepal. Nepal, Pakistan and Bhutan have not yet won the SAFF championship. India is the most successful country in the SAFF Championship, India has won the SAFF Championship seven times and Maldives has won the title twice. Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka have won the championship once each. ( Source ANFA Website )

Note – SAAF is correct to SAFF

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