Cricket - December 15, 2020

Rapti win Gautam Buddha Cup T 20 Title

In Gautam Buddha Cup T 20 final Rapti beat Narayani by 9 run . Yesterday Rapti set targe off 144 run in final match but Narayani able to make 134 run lose of 9 wicket .

Narayani batsman Arif Sheikh play 48 ru inning in final . Rot Gautam and Ishan Pandey played 27 run inning from Narayani team .

Rapti team bowler Abhinash Bohara take 3 wicks and Jitendra Mukhiya and Bhuban Karki took similar two wickets .

Rapti team captain Binod Bhandari played 33 run inning in 21 ball . Narayani bowler Sahaw Alam get 3 wicks and Sushan Bhari got two wickets .

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