News - August 12, 2022

9th National Games, Province-1 will participate in 34 sports

Province 1 has made preparations to participate in 34 of the 36 different sports at the 9th National Games to be held in Gandaki Province from October 14 to 20. The Provincial Sports Development Board held a press conference on Thursday and said that 694 players from Province 1 would participate in those games.

Province 1 won 9 gold, 20 silver and 59 bronze medals in the eighth national game. In the ninth edition, seven provincial and three departmental and NRN teams will compete.

According to Board Member Secretary Hansraj Wagle, district level players will be selected for the national competition to be held from August 18 to 23. He said that preparations are being made to select the players and keep them in closed training by organizing a state level competition from August 26 to September 4.

In the competition, players from Province 1 will participate in 405 events of various sports. The competition from Province 1 with 14 districts will have 88 officials, team coaches and managers.

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