Cricket - ODI Cricket - T20 Cricket - June 9, 2021

Nepal’s improvement in ICC T20 and ODI rankings

Nepal has improved one place in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) T20 cricket rankings. In the new rankings released by the ICC on Monday, Nepal has improved one place to 13th position.

Earlier, Nepal was ranked 14th. Nepal also won the triangular T20 series at home this April Malesia and Netherlands. The best ranking of Nepal’s T20 is 11th place. In the new T20 rankings, England is in the top position, India is in the second position and New Zealand is in the third position. Similarly, Pakistan is in the fourth place and Australia is in the fifth place.

Similarly, Nepal has also improved its ODI rankings. Nepal is ranked 16th in the ODI rankings. Earlier, Nepal was ranked 17th. In the new ODI rankings, New Zealand tops the list, followed by Australia and India.

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