News - September 9, 2022

I am innocent, i am returning the to country – Sandeep Lamichhane

Sandeep Lamichhane, the suspended captain of the Nepal Cricket Association (CAN) national team who was accused of rape, has said that he is innocent. He issued a statement on Friday saying that he is innocent.

Lamichhane tweeted that he has full faith in the laws of Nepal and after a few days he will leave CPL and return to Nepal. He said, ‘I am innocent and I have complete faith in the honorable law of Nepal. I have decided to leave CPL in a few days and return to Nepal.’ Stating that the law hopes to give equal justice to all, he said, ‘I am ready to face all these baseless allegations.

Justice for the innocent and proper investigation of all those involved in the act. I hope the law will give everyone equal justice.’

A complaint was registered in the case of extortion last Tuesday at Lamichhaneupar Police Circle Gaushala Kathmandu. An arrest warrant has been issued by the Kathmandu District Court for further investigation on Lamichhane for the crime of ‘not to be forced’ under the section 219 of the Civil Crimes (Code) Act, 2074.

Sandeep Lamichhane said that he will be arrested from the airport and the police will start the necessary investigation process after that.

Sandeep was suspended from the national team by the Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN). CAN has suspended him on the grounds that he was accused of extortion in the Gaushala Police Circle.

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