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Nepal and USA Celebrate ODI Status Confirmation

Nepal’s win over the United Arab Emirates sealed the United States in the top-five finish in League 2. USA is the fifth one with 35 points from 36 matches with 16 wins and 17 losses.

The United States is now all set to finish fifth in League 2, overtaking the United Arab Emirates and Papua New Guinea.

UAE has 31 points from 34 matches with 14 wins and 17 losses. If UAE wins both the remaining matches then it will obtain 35 points. America will also have 35 points.

As per the rules, if both the teams have the same number of points, then the total number of wins (the team with the most wins) will be considered first. Both teams will win 16-16. In such a situation, it will be interesting to see how many matches both the teams have won against each other.

There were 6 matches between USA and UAE in League-2. In which USA won 4 games, lost 1 game and shared its points in 1 game.

Now America’s ODI status will remain intact for the next four years.

Therefore, with the victory of Nepal, the ODI recognition of America has been confirmed. Nepal has also retained the ODI recognition for the next four years.

Even if it loses both the remaining matches, Nepal will get direct ODI status. Nepal has reached the fourth position with 36 points from 34 matches with 17 wins and 15 losses.

Nepal has two matches left to play. If they win both the games, Nepal will finish in the top three and play directly in the World Cup qualifiers to be held in Zimbabwe in June and July.

If they lose one of the two games, Nepal will have to play a qualifier playoff in Namibia later this month.

If the teams finish in the top two in the playoffs, they will have a chance to play again for the World Cup qualifiers.

USA, UAE and Papua New Guinea became the teams to play in the qualifier playoff from League 2. After the defeat to Nepal, UAE has lost the chance to get direct ODI recognition. Jersey and Canada will be in the playoffs along with four teams from League 2. Due to which the top two teams will be able to play in the World Cup qualifiers.

The UAE and Papua New Guinea will have to finish above Jersey and Canada on the points table to retain their ODI status in the playoffs. Otherwise, the ODI status will be lost for four years.

Oman and Scotland have directly qualified for the World Cup. Either the team from Nepal will make it to the World Cup qualifiers or the team from Namibia.

Looking at the recent performance of Nepal, it seems that it can win the next two matches too, and Nepal will also have the advantage of playing on home ground.

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