NSL - June 20, 2021

Biratnagar City FC signed MoU with Paro FC of Bhutan

Nepal Super League (NSL) team Biratnagar City FC and Bhutan’s Paro Football Club have reached an agreement on technical and other issues. The agreement was signed by Biratnagar FC Chief Executive Officer Subhash Koirala and Paro FC Chairman Karma Jigme on Friday.

Biratnagar City has also given information from Twitter.

As per the agreement, there will be technical and other cooperation between the two clubs for the development of football. The agreement also stipulates that the seniors and players of the two sides will provide each other by mutual consent as per the requirement .

The agreement also stipulates that both teams can come and go for pre-season and friendly matches, and necessary coordination can be made for the football competitions to be held in Nepal and Bhutan. The agreement signed for one year.

CEO of Biratnagar Subhash Koirala said that he was confident that the agreement between the two countries would help in the development of football. This is the beginning of cooperation. We believe that the cooperation of the clubs between the two countries will help in the development of football there, ‘said Koirala. After the first year of cooperation, there is a possibility of a long journey by reviewing.

Paro FC has been playing in Bhutan Super League and Bhutan Premier League. Founded three years ago, the club became the 2019 Premier League champions. The team traveled to the second round of the AFC Cup qualifiers last year.

Photo Biratnagar City FC / Twitter

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