News - Olympic - June 24, 2021

Vice President Nand Bahadur Pun said Nepal’s participation in the Olympics should be reviewed

Reaching a high position in politics, no one had ever had such an accurate idea about Nepali sports before. Vice President Nanda Bahadur Pun was the chief guest at the Olympic Day program organized by the Nepal Olympic Committee on Wednesday.

It was his turn to speak at the event. Whenever he spoke, he almost painted a picture of Nepali sports. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

His main argument was that Nepal’s participation in a major international competition such as the Olympics should be reviewed. So far, Haque has only two Olympic athletes for Nepal, Taekwondo’s Sangita Vaidya and Deepak Bista. Both were selected and played in the Olympics. Besides, all those who participated were from quota games. If not, they participated with a wild card. And in the meantime, Nepal is lagging behind most of the time.

The Vice President’s question was, why is this happening? The Olympics are being held in Tokyo, Japan in a month’s time and the number of participants will be quota games and wildcards. Vice President Pun added, “The goal of Nepal’s participation should be medals and it is necessary to plan accordingly.” Where is Nepali sports failing for high performance in the international arena? He put questions about it during his remarks.

He did not stop there. His written speech had a short history from the historic Olympics to the modern Olympics. He also joked about Nepal’s participation in the Olympics. He also raised the issue of Tejvir Budha. History has it that in 1924, Budha was awarded a gold medal at the Winter Olympics by the British Army for climbing Mount Everest. The Vice President’s request was that the truth be revealed after a thorough inquiry.

“It’s a great day for the world of sports,” he told Olympic Day. The history of the Olympics is also the height of overall human civilization. ‘Vice President Pun also hoisted the Nepali flag at a special function held at the committee’s headquarters in Satdobato. Committee Chairman Jiwan Ram Shrestha also hoisted the flag of the International Olympic Committee. On the occasion, a group of Olympians led by Mukunda Shrestha handed over the Olympic torch to the Vice President. ( Source – Kantipur Online )

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