Karate - January 5, 2022

Nepal won four gold medals in B-G karate

Nepal Shito-Ryu Karate has won four gold medals in the B-G Karate Championship held in Bangladesh. Dejan Dolma Lama, Pasang Tamang and Gyalmo Somika Lama are among the gold medalists in the competition organized by the Bangladesh Bishop Association with the support of Bangladesh Goju-Riyo Karate Federation on the occasion of Mujib’s 100th birth anniversary.

Dolma won two gold medals, Pasang won gold in the 70 kg weight category and Galmo won gold in the 35 kg weight category.

Pasang Tamang (70 kg) and Rajdev Bamjan (65 kg) won silver medals in Kumite. In the open category, Rabindra Kunwar, Eurodis Rokka 60 kg, Umesh Bhandari 55 kg, Ravina 45 kg and Umang Budhathoki are in the under 14 age group.

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